07/31/2012 04:48 pm ET Updated Jul 31, 2012

Baby Monkey, Kangaroo, Anteater Born At Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (PHOTOS)

The zoo at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is having a super-cute summer, with a trio of new animal babies having arrived in the past few months.

The zoo babies include a giant anteater and squirrel monkey, both born in June, who are still too young for keepers to determine their genders. According to a press release, the babies spend most of their time close to their mothers in private areas of the park.

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Once they're older, staff will be able to identify their genders and give them names.

The baby kangaroo, who is a little older, is named Louis, weighs just less than 10 lbs. and still spends a lot of time in his mom's pouch.

While the giant anteater is listed as a threatened species, squirrel monkeys also face danger from being trapped and kept as pets or being used in medical and scientific research.

Giant anteaters, which have a revered place in Amazonian folklore, have been extirpated from some of their native range in South America. The IUCN Red List notes that "dietary specificity, low reproductive rates, large body size... [and] threats to habitat degradation" have led to a decline in giant anteater numbers.

Check Out The New Zoo Babies At Busch Gardens Tampa Bay:

Baby Monkey, Kangaroo And Anteater