Javier Bardem In 'Skyfall': Bond Villain Blond Hair Draws Comparisons To Stuart Smalley, Fred Armisen

Javier Bardem plays the villain in "Skyfall," a man named Silva who says things like "Mommy was very bad" to James Bond. He's as terrifying as that sounds, and perhaps even more when you consider Bardem's ridiculous blond hair, which is so off-putting as to be somehow menacing. (If a guy walks around looking like this, there's no telling what he's capable of.)

Since the full "Skyfall" trailer debuted on Tuesday morning, fans and writers have tried to come up with comparisons for Bardem's look. The best results so far: Either Stuart Smalley, the "Saturday Night Live" character Al Franken made famous (the website ScreenCrush was the first to note this), or Fred Armisen's character in the "Saturday Night Live" sketch "The Californians." (Twitter user Annie Kozak made that connection.)

Regardless, Bardem's hair is certainly creepy, meaning it's just par for his follicular course. You remember that Bardem famously won the Best Supporting Actor trophy in 2008 for his portrayal of Anton Chigurh, the psychopathic killer with the pageboy haircut in "No Country For Old Men."

Check out some reactions to Bardem's "Skyfall" hair in the slideshow below. "Skyfall" is in theaters on Nov. 9

Javier Bardem's Hair In 'Skyfall'