07/31/2012 11:21 am ET Updated Jul 31, 2012

Joe Scarborough: Mitt Romney Doesn't Feel Politics In His Bones (VIDEO)

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Joe Scarborough hit Mitt Romney on Tuesday, after the presumptive Republican nominee ruffled feathers yet again on his overseas trip.

Romney told Jewish donors that their culture is the reason that they are more economically successful than the Palestinians. The remarks outraged Palestinians, who said that they were racist. Romney has denied that he was criticizing Palestinian culture.

Scarborough assessed the long-term damage of Romney's trip on Tuesday. He said that while it would have a "negligible" effect on the election, American voters "can't be comforted by Mitt Romney's performance."

Contributor Jon Meacham compared it to a "running SNL skit." Mark Halperin added that the candidate appeared to not realize the context of his remarks.

The mistakes underlined one of Romney's greatest weaknesses, according to Scarborough. The MSNBC host said that Romney was "a successful businessman" and "a great family man," but that politics is "not something he feels in his bones."

"This is a businessman who decided to get into politics for whatever reason and Mark, there just doesn't seem to be the nuance there," Scarborough lamented.

The MSNBC host also observed that Romney seemed to have "very little love for politics" — a quality he said Barack Obama and George W. Bush shared. "There just doesn't seem to be the joy in these guys either on the campaign trail or when they're governing," he opined.



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