07/31/2012 01:18 pm ET Updated Jul 31, 2012

London Police Save Rolo The Hamster From Cat (PHOTO)

With the Olympics under way in Britain's capital city, one might imagine London police have their hands full. But last week, two officers proved there's always time to do a good deed.

Officers Helen Hansen and Dave Kadwell have been credited with rescuing a hamster that fell 12 feet from an open window and was chased by a cat, NPR reports.

The incident happened late Thursday night after Rolo the hamster tumbled out of a first floor window and bounced off the hood of a car.

The runaway rodent would've almost certainly become kitty food had the officers not been close at hand.

According to the BBC, Hansen and Kadwell waved their arms to scare away the furry fiend before attempting to capture the 1-year-old pet hamster. Hansen finally managed to trap the rodent under her helmet.

After no one stepped forward to claim the hamster, Hansen and Kadwell took to the task of locating Rolo's rightful owners.

Fortunately, the officers noticed an apt "Beware of the Hamster" sign in a first floor window, and Rolo was soon reunited with his family, the BBC reports.

Debbie Rook said her whole family had been sleeping when the hamster escaped.

“Until they knocked on the door, we didn’t know he was missing," she told the Mirror. “I can’t believe a hamster survived a drop like that. We’re grateful to the police for coming to the rescue.”

Rolo belongs to Rook's 13-year-old son, Bradley.

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h/t: Gawker