07/31/2012 03:33 pm ET Updated Jul 31, 2012

Star Jones Clarifies Words For Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson's Daughter

Star Jones feels that her concerns about Paris Jackson speaking out via Twitter have not been accurately represented in the media.

"Somebody PLEASE take @parisjackson phone! She's a CHILD So STOP it," Jones tweeted last week. "I have 8 aunts...and if I was "tweeting" our family info that's being used for TABLOID fodder ONLY! They'd check me with a quickness," she continued.

However, on Monday, Jones took to the social-networking site to clarify her feelings on the matter.

“Let me be clear: any child who is being emotionally and/or physically abused needs to shout it to the rooftops to people who can help,” tweeted Star, after getting backlash for her original remarks. “I DO NOT however believe that #twitter or any other social media is that forum for a vulnerable child. It is EXPLOITIVE and DANGEROUS...Exposing oneself to the scrutiny, criticism and evaluation of anonymous adults on social media does not help; in fact it can hurt tremendously.”

Jones clearly doesn’t like the response when she exposes herself to the scrutiny, criticism and evaluation of anonymous adults on Twitter, and now is arguing (via Twitter) that it’s not the right medium for a 14-year-old girl either.

“Social Media is not a place of safety, security or most importantly LEGAL RECOURSE for a vulnerable child; no matter how famous,” tweeted Star. “Don't care if you like me or don't like me...I have advocated for children and the law for over 25 years. That's my agenda; WHAT'S YOURS?”

In a private message to me, Star made it clear that her only concern was the safety and privacy of Paris. May I suggest, Star, that you take the advice you give and step away from Twitter for a while?


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