08/01/2012 08:24 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Whole-Meal Summer Salad Recipes

Most people think of salads as just the opening act of dinner, or maybe a side served alongside a protein. But why shouldn't you be able to enjoy salad as the main course? By adding some great mix-ins or toppings like grilled steak, poached chicken, boiled eggs or shrimp you can take any salad and turn it into a meal. Moreover, salad doesn't always have to be about leafy greens either -- we have ones that are made with grains like quinoa, bulgur, barley and farro. Beyond that you'll learn you can vary a salad's flavor just by switching the dressing or vinaigrette -- for example, use some soy sauce for an Asian twist.

See our recipe slideshow below to get all the great ideas for making a salad for dinner starting tonight!

Dinner Salads