08/01/2012 07:18 am ET Updated Aug 01, 2012

Amber Portwood Leaves Rehab, Tries To Reconnect With Daughter And Boyfriend On 'Teen Mom' (VIDEO)

Amber Portwood was out of rehab and ready to get her GED on "Teen Mom" (Tue., 10 p.m. ET on MTV). But the stress of having to take the test quickly started to show as Amber lashed out angrily at her baby's father Gary Shirley.

Gary holds all the cards as far as how much and when she sees their baby, Leah. But that didn't stop Amber from calling him names and demanding even more from him. She was upset when he wouldn't let her see Leah after her bedtime.

Gary's argument was that the excitement would likely keep Leah up later than she needed to be. It's understandable that Amber was eager to spend more time with her daughter, but her anger was once again starting to cause unnecessary strain in her relationship with Gary.

While the episode left fans wanting things to improve for the pair, reality outside the show proved it impossible. Amber is currently serving a five year sentence in prison, although Gather points out she could get out in two years for good behavior.

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