08/01/2012 09:55 am ET Updated Aug 01, 2012

American Red Cross Boosts Record-Low Blood Supply With Mobile Drive Parties

Instead of mulling over its alarmingly low blood supply, the American Red Cross is throwing parties.

To help boost a blood supply that’s dipped to a 15-year-low, the Red Cross is hosting mobile blood drives in the comfort of donors’ homes, WCAX reports. Since the nonprofit can’t organize drives at schools during the summer months, it’s making up for lost pints by bringing equipment and technicians to people’s pads.

Chris Frenette, of Winooski, Vt., is one such host who opened up her house to guests for food, drinks and the good deed of donating blood.

"[These drives are] saving lives, and that's what I'm committed to doing," Frenette told the news outlet.

Frenette welcomed 12 “partiers” who were somewhat shocked by the unconventional facilities.

“We came driving down on the road and it was just a residential home, and I was like 'Uhhh, it's a little weird,’” Ryan Gentry told the news outlet.

“Weird” or not, getting upwards of 12 people to donate is critical during the slow season, considering that one donor can save three lives, according to the Times Record News.

But ringing in a good deed with a soiree isn’t a new concept for the 131-year-old nonprofit.

While a community in Ventura County, Calif., learned about disaster readiness and gave blood at a Red Cross event, they also nibbled on eats from food trucks and socialized with friends, according to

"Our theme is preparing our community one block at a time," Jim McGee, CEO of the American Red Cross Central Coast Region, told the news outlet. "We're trying to provide some free resources, some education, a chance to learn a little bit about what the Red Cross does and have an opportunity to meet our neighbors."

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