08/01/2012 11:11 am ET Updated Oct 01, 2012

Anthony Jeselnik Talks Roasts And Leaving 'Late Night'

Comedy Central must have a ton of confidence in Anthony Jeselnik, because the network has given him a new show with a premiere date and everything without even knowing what it's going to be. Jeselnik and his creative time are still trying to figure that out.

But the confidence Comedy Central has in him doesn't come close to matching the confidence the 33-year-old comic has in himself. He just exudes it on stage. A lot of it is couched behind the asshole character he performs as who thrives on the audience's uneasiness with his abortion jokes, basically daring them not to laugh. But he possesses a genuine self-assurance as well. It's almost like he was expecting to be given a series and wondered why it took so long. That's not say he's arrogant -- he's gracious and easy to talk to -- he's just well-aware of his abilities.