08/01/2012 11:43 am ET Updated Aug 01, 2012

'Breaking Bad': Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul Talk Inspiration Behind Walter And Jessie

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse PInkman (Aaron Paul) are two of the most loaded characters on TV these days.

So how have the actors managed to deliver such powerful performances when it comes to their "Breaking Bad" roles? Personal experience.

Cranston admitted the he gets to the angry replace required for Walt by thinking back to his parents' divorce.

"I have some anger issues," he told Rolling Stone. "There was alcohol abuse. And there were broken lives. There were two broken people. It was ugly. I didn't see my father for 10 years."

As for Paul, the meth issue hits close to home -- he had a girlfriend who was an addict.

"It went from coke and then it escalated to meth. Meth is the one that grabbed, like, nails-deep into her soul and slowly just ripped it out. She was this beautiful being, turned to this hollow shell."

The anger Cranston feels when playing Walt could explain why he chooses a different look in his day-to-day life. "I like to look different when I'm not shooting the show," he said on Albuquerque's "The After After Party" with Steven Michael Quezada (who plays Gomez on the show). "But when I go to work, the transition happens, and I instantly become Walter White."

"Breaking Bad" airs on Sundays at at 10 p.m. ET on AMC
. For more on Cranston and Paul, head over to Rolling Stone.

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