08/01/2012 12:16 pm ET Updated Aug 01, 2012

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day: Religious Groups, People Come Out (LIVEBLOG)

For chicken lovers and faith groups alike, today is a day of coming out. But not in the way you might think.

After former governor of Arkansas and current Fox News host Mike Huckabee had enough of what he called the "vicious hate speech and intolerant bigotry" aimed at Chick-fil-A, he called for a national day of support for the fast-food chain.

Religious groups are rallying in support and opposition.


08/03/2012 12:59 PM EDT

@ Sufilizard :

Bible is very clear about not wearing fabric made of 2 diff. fibers. I hope Chick-fil-A uniforms aren't cotton/poly blend.

08/03/2012 12:58 PM EDT

@ bknichols :

I'm receiving reports that Chick-fil-A employees have been taking water out to protesters. Christian or no, you can't help but respect that.

08/03/2012 12:31 PM EDT

From Rabbi Josh Whinston for the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism:

If you disagree with Dan Cathy’s point of view and you support gay marriage, don’t eat at Chik-fil-A and be sure to tell all your friends the same. Personally, I love the fact that Mayor Menino wrote that open letter to Dan Cathy, but it doesn’t really matter. Chik-fil-A will open its stores wherever it wants, and the only thing that will ensure that they close is if nobody eats there.

08/03/2012 12:31 PM EDT

@ Slate :

Chick-Fil-A "Kiss Day" is underway:

08/03/2012 11:19 AM EDT

'The Chicken Inquisition'

From an op-ed by Jay Richards and James Robison in the Wall Street Journal:

Americans are free to eat or not to eat at Chick-fil-A. But we need to push back strongly against attacks on this company. If you're concerned, we hope you'll join us and hundreds of thousands of other Americans this week by giving Chick-fil-A your business. Defending freedom of speech never tasted so good.

08/03/2012 11:10 AM EDT

'Chick-fil-A and Chicago: A heads-up for the Church'

From the Catholic News Agency:

Dan Cathy, Chick-fil-A’s president, also happens to be an outspoken Christian. And thanks be to God, he is not shy about the biblical doctrine on marriage. In fact, he publicly stated, “I think we’re inviting God’s judgment when we shake our fist at him, you know, (saying), ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.’ And I pray on God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we would have the audacity to try and redefine what marriage is all about.”

Although Mr. Cathy is not a Catholic, this is certainly a position the U.S. Catholic hierarchy can support.

08/03/2012 11:07 AM EDT

From HuffPost New York:

During his weekly radio show on Friday, Mayor Bloomberg again addressed the Chick-fil-A controversy, saying the fast food chain has rights to its views on same-sex marriage, like the Catholic church.

08/03/2012 11:05 AM EDT

@ thedailybeast :

Why Mike Huckabee says he relishes dispute over Chick-fil-A

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@ huffpostgay :

Headed to a Chick-fil-A kiss in? Send us photos! Or even if you're not going -- send us your gay kiss photo!

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