08/01/2012 02:43 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012


Last night's "Craft Wars" was particularly sweet for us, as judges Erica Domesek, Stephen Brown and Jo Peterson and host Tori Spelling put the crafters to the test with all home related DIYs.

The "Pop Craft" challenge, definitely lit up our night as the three contestants had one hour to create a lamp using goggles, eye glasses and magnifying glasses. Andrea went with a flower and twine lamp, while Brooke decided to go with an industrial theme. Both of these crafts were amazingly creative. Andrea formed the flowers by combining the lenses and Brooke used mod podge to make them look like sea glass.

The judges sent Brooke home because her lamp was too bare and Andrea and Raymond advanced to the "Master Craft" round where they had five hours to create a bedroom by incorporating a mattress, box spring and zippers.

Surprisingly, each had completely different ideas for what the ideal bedroom would be and how to use the zippers. Andrea created a "smoke and mirrors" room with lots of grey with yellow accents and made the throw pillows out of the fasteners. Her attention to detail was phenomenal.

Unfortunately on the other hand, Raymond's bedroom ideas weren't well executed at all. Even with his cohesive theme of green and white stripes and nifty tufted headboard, he completely messed up his stenciling work, making the space look cheap. We enjoyed his zipper rug a lot but the teal coloring just wasn't a great choice, so Andrea was declared the winner.

There was really no contest as to who should have won this challenge. Andrea had multiple impressive DIY projects within her space and showed us what a real crafter can bring to the show.

Watch the video above to see the lamps from the "Pop Craft" challenge and let us know: Which do you think was the brightest of them all?