08/01/2012 05:05 pm ET

Dejamon Baker, 12-Year-Old Girl, Tasered In Victoria's Secret Store In St. Louis

A 12-year-old girl was Tasered by a police officer inside a Victoria's Secret store in St. Louis last week.

The officer says that the girl, Dejamon Baker, was physically interfering and refusing to back away as he attempted to arrest her mother, Charlene Bratton, according to KSDK. He had approached Bratton because she had several outstanding warrants for unresolved traffic tickets, the station reported.

During the arrest attempt, Baker, along with another unidentified female, "charged the officer," according to the St. Louis County Crime Report published on Patch. He ultimately arrested Bratton, Baker, and the third female, though only the 12-year-old was subjected to the electrical shock. It's unknown what charges they face.

Baker now has a small wound on her chest and another on her stomach. She and her mother both deny that the girl was a threat to the officer.

"He should have had enough control to tell her to get back instead of pulling out his gun, I guess he was nervous or whatever, and tasing people," Bratton said. She plans to have the incident investigated.

This hasn't been the only recent controversial use of a stun gun. In June, Chicago police drew criticism after allegedly stunning a woman who was eight months pregnant, and in March, an Ohio police department was shut down after an officer allegedly used a Taser on a nine-year-old.