08/01/2012 03:07 pm ET

Elephant Crashes A Pool Party Then Awkwardly Leaves (VIDEO)

So imagine that you and your family are relaxing in the pool and all of a sudden the sun disappears for a second. You turn around expecting to see perhaps a cloud blocking the rays and find an elephant staring back at you. An elephant!

That is more or less what happens in this crazy Youtube video posted by user Kerrydunne1. The best part of the entire encounter might be when the elephant seems to look around and realize he's crashing a party and then awkwardly leaves.

What could the elephant have been thinking as it drained the pool? Perhaps, "I'm gonna trust that none of you peed in this pool," as G4 TV suggests. At any rate, we think that it's time for this family to invest in a fence.

In case you need more pachyderm cuteness, here is another video of a baby elephant trying to ride its mother.