08/01/2012 06:41 pm ET

Finds At Edited For Goodwill's D.C. Pop-Up Shop (PHOTOS)

Brandon Wetherbee

WASHINGTON -- Edited for Goodwill, a temporary shop hawking vintage wares and other goods opened Wednesday for a three-day run in the Pepco Edison Place Gallery downtown.

Is it any good? Kind of.

The quality of items is slightly higher than what you'd find at Goodwill's only D.C. brick-and-mortar location near Langdon Park. The temporary space near Chinatown is well organized, something Goodwill does better than the Salvation Army and most thrift stores, but not well stocked. Within the first hour of business some of the finer pieces had already been snatched up.

The pop-up store is great in idea and only so-so in execution. A much better example of Goodwill taking advantage of their inventory is the Richmond-based Second Debut by Goodwill. This curated brick-and-mortar store is what this temporary stop is trying to be. It has nicer clothes in better conditions -- a thrift store with bargain prices and a boutique feel.

The experiment is worthwhile. Too many interested parties showed up. This means that either Goodwill has an excellent track record or there's a shortage of good thrifting options.

Edited For Goodwill will be open Wednesday through Friday, noon-7 p.m. at Pepco Edison Place Gallery (702 8th St. NW).

Click below to see some of our favorite finds at Edited For Goodwill.

Edited By Goodwill