08/01/2012 12:19 pm ET

Justin Bieber Parody: UCB Comedy Puts On '8 Kilometers' (VIDEO)

At just 18, Justin Bieber is living the fabulous life: He owns two $200,000 cars and a $300,000 chartered yacht for two -- and that's not even factoring in his infamous custom chrome car or his private jet habit. To imagine that life could have ever been tough for him is almost unthinkable -- so that's exactly what original comedy group UCB Comedy did.

The troupe spoofed "8 Mile," a 2002 film starring Eminem as a rapper who struggles to get his big break. The result, "8 Kilometers," parodies a young Canadian Bieber who's repeatedly slapped in the face with rejection. But the Biebs continues to "never say never," and ultimately makes it big.

Although the video originally surfaced in 2010, it was reposted on YouTube this week and is making the rounds on the social media once again.

In other awesome Justin Bieber spoofs, "Overly-Attached Girlfriend" took the lyrics of "Boyfriend" and warped them into something pretty disturbing: "I wouldn't call it jealousy / Just looking out for you / Reading all your texts / Watching everything you do." And earlier this year, real-life girlfriend Selena Gomez made her big Internet parody debut, a spoof of the erotic novel "50 Shades of Grey." In Funny or Die's "50 Shades of Blue," Selena made headlines for her oblivious, simpering portrayal of the main character, Anastasia Steele.

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(H/t Buzzfeed)