08/01/2012 11:55 am ET Updated Aug 01, 2012

London Mayor Boris Johnson Should Have Never Gone Zip-Lining

Perhaps Mitt Romney can take some small amount of satisfaction from the news out of London today. One week after London's Mayor Boris Johnson used Romney's criticism of the 2012 London Olympics as a rallying cry for the city, the frowsy Tory has once again proven himself to be a modern incarnation of a P.G. Wodehouse protagonist, getting himself stuck mid-air on a zip line over London's Victoria Park.

From ITV News:

The Mayor of London had to be pulled the rest of the way by teams on the ground at around 13:30 this afternoon.

Boris Johnson was heard shouting "Get me a rope, get me a ladder" after he was the first person to use the zip wire. He continued "I think the brakes got stuck."

To his credit, Johnson remained upbeat despite the ordeal, telling a reporter that the experience was "wonderful" and recommending it to others. "I wouldn't have wanted to have been up there all afternoon, but I think that loads of people are going to enjoy it," Johnson said, despite evidence suggesting Londoners' enjoyment of the zip line may have peaked after seeing their mayor stranded fifteen feet off the ground.

Nevertheless, "getting stuck on a zip line" should probably be added to the long list of things politicians should avoid doing at all costs. Though it would perhaps be better to simply never go zip-lining anywhere, ever, for any reason.

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