08/03/2012 11:57 am ET Updated Nov 15, 2012

Olympic Tweets: What Women Are Saying On Twitter About The London 2012 Games

Welcome to a very special edition of tweets of the week! Because the women of Twitter have been focused on the London games this week, we decided to dedicate this roundup to Olympic tweets.

Since the opening ceremony on Friday, the Olympics have elicited a range of reactions. Some women have mentioned how lazy or uncoordinated they feel compared to the athletes (Joy Plaza: "if i were an olympic gymnast, the floor exercise would be my downfall and also the beam and the bars and anything that involved flexibility"). Others have taken issue with the way announcers spoke about the female athletes (Dawne Mouzon: "Women's cycling commentators keep referring to the competitors as 'girls.' They're so cute with their little sports and stuff. Ugh #olympics"). And, of course, several female Olympians have used Twitter to express their emotions as well.

We're sure there will be more online commentary as the Games go on, but flip through the gallery below to see our favorite tweets from women so far.

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Best Tweets From Women

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