08/01/2012 04:14 pm ET Updated Aug 03, 2012

Steve Carell: 'Daily Show' Could Be 'Cruel'

Steve Carell is finally atoning for his sins. No, not "Evan Almighty." The former "Office" star came clean to The Hollywood Reporter about something that's been bothering him for years: Pranking innocent victims during his tenure as a correspondent on "The Daily Show."

“It’s one thing poking fun at people who deserve it," Carell said in the THR cover story. "But there was that flip side of shooting fish in a barrel. It’s just cruel."

Finally, his sleepless nights have ended! Confessing to Father THR will surely offer comedy solace to the funnyman.

Not all of Carell's "Daily Show" colleagues necessarily agree with his guilt. John Oliver, arguably the most successful correspondent since Carell and Colbert, said in a recent interview with HuffPost Comedy that he finds the interactions awkward, but not necessarily unethical.

"You'd be amazed that some of the most contentious interviews will ask for 20 copies of the show on DVD to show their family," he told HuffPost Comedy.

Now, Steve, you may want to explain why you tricked us into smacking down $13 for "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World."



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