08/01/2012 04:19 pm ET Updated Oct 01, 2012

The Funniest TV 'Appearances' By Every United States President

Next Monday, we'll be exactly three months away from Election Day. THANK GOD. I don't even care who wins anymore (note: may not be accurate), I just want the non-stop, largely useless coverage to go away, so we can focus on more important things, like...I dunno, football?

So before every other word that comes out of the Internet's mouth is "president," as opposed to every fourth word, which is where we're at now, and we get sick of talking about middle-aged white guys (and Obama), we've put together a list of the funniest TV appearances from every United States president. Obviously, not every president could have been on TV -- the whole "technology wasn't invented yet" thing gets in the way of that -- so we included fictional representations of, say, everyone from George Washington to FDR.

Also, with the exceptions of The Simpsons and Futurama, because of course, we decided a TV show can only be represented once. Cue up "Peaches" while scrolling.