Yeasayer Leaks 'Fragrant World' As An Online Scavenger Hunt. Wanna Play? (VIDEO)

Here's one way for artists to combat album leaks: do the leaking yourself. And be weird about it.

Yeasayer, an acclaimed Brooklyn-based band, has already hit the indie big time with their two previous albums, 2007's All Hour Cymbals and 2010's Odd Blood, and now they're planning to release tracks off Fragrant World, their newest album, through the magic of an internet scavenger hunt.

"We have received a message that we are on the verge of embargoed information being leaked through the cracks of the digital universe," a cryptic statement on their website reads. "Once again an attempt to tell the story before our mouths can spit."

Artists have increasingly been pushing release dates forward to avoid blowback from inevitable album leaks, and many have just up and caved to the piracy pressure, like Frank Ocean, who not only moved up his release date but also decided to stream his entire album, Channel Orange, on his Tumblr page. Radiohead has also done away with the standard "waiting" period and simply released albums when they damn well feel like it.

Still, this move by Yeasayer seems like a creative way to flick off/hold hands with piraters, while also acknowledging they exist.

According to the band's official statement, they have created a "moving visual" for each Fragrant World track, with the help of punk rocker turned artist Yoshi Sodeoka. It's the public's job to find the tracks "hidden" on the internet, with the help of tweets and other online clues.

Their first single off the album, "Henrietta," was previously released, and on Wednesday morning they debuted "Blue Paper" on Wired.

You have until Friday, August 3, to find all the tracks. Follow Yeasayer on Twitter for hints. Or you can just continuously Google all the tracks off the album over and over to your heart's content.

WATCH "Henrietta" with Sodeoka's moving visuals below: