08/02/2012 06:03 am ET Updated Aug 02, 2012

'Beverly Hills Nannies': Four-Year Old Girl Demands A Facial On Justin's First Day (VIDEO)

It was Justin's first day on the job for the Faulk family on "Beverly Hills Nannies" (Wed., 9 p.m. ET on ABC Family) and he quickly learned just how demanding the family can be. And it wasn't even the parents who were the most demanding.

Right away, 4-year old Brooklyn started throwing a fit because she wanted a facial. Ultimately, Justin had to relent and let her have her way. "Only in Beverly Hills," he sighed. "Only in the BH."

Luckily, Justin didn't have to give the facial himself. One thing he was told he had to do, though, was get swimming lessons. The family intended to spend a lot of time at the country club, and it was imperative that Justin was able to swim. At least they said they would pay for his lessons.

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