08/02/2012 04:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Charlie Rogers, Woman Whose Skin Was Carved With Anti-Gay Slurs, Supported With NOH8 Tattoos

A tattoo shop is marking up its customers with peaceful images for charity after three attackers allegedly carved anti-gay slurs into a woman's skin.

Charlie Rogers, 33, told police that three men dragged her from her bed, tied her up and assaulted her because of her sexual orientation last week, KETV reports. The brutal attack left her with hateful epithets, including the word “dyke” carved onto her stomach and arms, according to

While the Nebraska small business owner escaped to safety, a local tattoo shop wants to show her how it can restore some hopefulness to the art of tattooing, the reports.

“When something that sad happens, you just want to squish all that hate with that much more love,” Adam Hart, owner of Hartland Tattoo, told the news outlet.

The shop is doling out the tattoo “NOH8” to customers this week and next week at a reduced price of $40. (Tattoos typically cost $75). And $10 from each ink job will be donated to a fund set up for Rogers, which she will not have access to until police finish investigating the crime, according to the

For Rogers, who must now also defend herself against allegations that she staged the odious crime, the gesture must come as a welcome relief.

"Intellectually I understand that people have a hard time wrapping their heads around what happened, as do I,” Rogers told KETV. “But I'm a person, with feelings, with concerns...and it's just feels like a punch in the stomach, like a betrayal.”