08/02/2012 01:25 pm ET

Katie Couric Blocks Journalist Greg Campbell Over 'YOLO' Tweets

Anyone who follows Katie Couric on Twitter knows that she loves the meme "YOLO" (you only live once). Journalist Greg Campbell recently called her out over her frequent use of the phrase, and she blocked him.

Campbell recounted their brief exchange, which started Wednesday when he tweeted, "Rule of thumb: When @KatieCouric starts using internet acronyms, they've jumped the shark months ago. #yolokatie #killmeplease."

She responded, "@greg_campbell ouch! No offense Greg but you don't look the ultimate hipster yourself! Just sayin." After a few other jabs, Couric blocked him from following her on Twitter.

Campbell told Romenesko Thursday that he was not trying to "intentionally" antagonize her, and thought he was actually "helping" her out.

"From time to time, I’d sling an arrow her way over Twitter when I noticed that she was a little too in love with some worn-out meme or acronym," he explained. "YOLO (you only live once) is a perfect example. Just as it was being run into the ground and starting to turn stomachs among everyone but tweens, Katie discovered it and has been flaying us with it ever since."

Couric is busy gearing up for the debut of her daytime talk show in September. In recent weeks, she has tweeted her followers to send her their YOLOs and used the meme when talking about her preparations for the show.



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