08/02/2012 02:43 pm ET Updated Aug 02, 2012

LeBron James Asks U.S. Swimmer Lauren Perdue To Dinner, She Says No (PHOTO)

LeBron James just got burned.

The Miami Heat star may be a three-time NBA MVP with two Olympic medals and an NBA championship, but his accolades haven't given him immunity against awkward social situations.

According to New York Daily News, James, who is currently in London representing the United States at the Olympic Games, asked U.S. swimmer Lauren Perdue to have dinner with him -- only to be rebuffed.

Last week, after Team USA met the swim team at the Olympic Village, Perdue tweeted a photo of her and the basketball star:

Perdue also posted this message, which was later taken down, but retweeted by the University of Virginia:

However, it seems that James, who is engaged to long-time girlfriend Savannah Brinson, had no crafty intentions with his request.

When asked by the Charlotte Observer whether James had really asked her to dinner, Perdue explained he was likely kidding.

“He did. He was kind of joking but he was basically like, 'Would you like to come eat with me at the dining hall?'" she said.

Nonetheless, the swimmer turned down the 6'8" basketball star, citing an Olympic team curfew.

h/t: Bleacher Report