08/02/2012 10:17 am ET

Whoopi Goldberg Sends Her Best Wishes To Robin Roberts During 'Good Morning America' Leave

Robin Roberts is on a short break from "Good Morning America" ahead of her medical leave. Count Whoopi Goldberg as one of the many fans who miss her.

Goldberg recently sent her best wishes to Roberts on Twitter. "@robinroberts I miss u in the mornin ur doing what needs to be done I know but still miss u. & Please give ur mom a big hug 4 me," she wrote.

Roberts announced that she was taking an unexpected break from the show on Tuesday. "Well, a full disclosure here, I’m not feeling too well," she told viewers.

She was recently diagnosed with MDS, a rare blood and bone marrow disorder that developed after her battle with breast cancer. Roberts will be receiving a bone marrow transplant from her sister, and plans to take medical leave around the end of August.

She named the co-hosts of "The View" among those who would fill in for her alongside co-host George Stephanopoulos.



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