08/06/2012 04:39 pm ET

San Francisco Bedbugs: District 6 Supervisor Wages War On The City's Bloodsuckers (PHOTOS)

San Francisco may not be America's most bedbug-ridden city, but we're pretty up there.

And District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim wants to do something about it. She recently launched an official offensive against the little blood-suckers.


Kim's new ordinance will require all landlords and property managers to provide prospective tenants with written disclosure of the property's bedbug infestation and abatement history.

The proposed measure, modeled after a similar law passed in New York, will also require the city to provide clear and accessible information on how to properly prevent bed bug infestation. Exterminators will be required to report the number of units they have treated to the Department of Public Health on a monthly basis.

As of this year, San Francisco ranks 12th in the country's most bedbug plagued cities, behind New York, Los Angeles, and Cincinnati, which came in first.

Bedbugs thrive in temperatures of 70 degrees and above. Currently, the neighborhood with the greatest cases of bedbugs seems to be the Tenderloin. (We wish we were surprised.)

Check out the slideshow below to see the country's most bedbug-ridden cities:

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