08/02/2012 12:30 pm ET

Weldon Marc Gilbert, Accused Rapist, Wants To Show Sex Videotapes To Alleged Victims

A convicted child pornographer now facing rape charges wants to show his alleged victims videos of the sexual attacks during pre-trial witness interviews.

The request could be granted to Weldon Marc Gilbert, because he's acting as his own attorney in the upcoming Washington trial for allegedly raping boys in his home sex dungeon, KOMO reported.

The alleged victims could be shown the footages because it's evidence in the case. A standby attorney would actually interview the accusers, but Gilbert would be present -- making it difficult to protect the rights of the victims and the defendant, ABC News said.

"Our intention to show the videos during the pre-trial interviews is in no way an attempt to harass or embarrass these poor people involved in this thing," said Gilbert on Monday in a Tacomo courtroom, according to KOMO.

At least one victim, now 22, says he would testify.

In 2009, a federal judge sentenced Gilbert, then 49, to 25 years in prison for crimes related to the production of child pornography in his Lake Tapps home. The millionaire pilot lured at least 17 underage boys into his web with money, booze, homework help and flying lessons. Then, he would record the boys -- some as young as 10 -- getting spanked and hit with canes in smut videos

The decision to defend himself in court has led to a public outcry about the powers Gilbert's been granted. Last year, the Washington state Supreme Court ruled he was allowed to watch the sex videos to prepare for this trial, though he's cannot view them alone.