08/03/2012 05:42 am ET Updated Aug 03, 2012

'Burn Notice': Michael Corners Rebecca, Accuses Her Of His Brother Nate's Murder (VIDEO)

Fiona's back! But there was no time to even be happy about that on "Burn Notice" (Thu., 9 p.m. ET on USA), as she and Michael immediately started hunting the trail of Nate's killer. When Rebecca was no longer in the condo owned by Sam's lady friend Elsa -- introduced this week and played by Jennifer Taylor -- she became their top suspect.

After they failed to capture Rebecca by following her trail and even got into a gunfire exchange with her, she turned up at Michael's place to proclaim her innocence. She seemed pretty adamant that she could prove it, claiming she was in Florida when Nate was killed and offering to give him her complete itinerary, including security cameras that would have caught footage of her.

The claim enough was apparently enough for Michael, who decided to let her go. Michael now has a mission that will likely take him through the rest of this season at least: finding whoever killed his brother.

Watch it play out on "Burn Notice," Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on USA.

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