08/03/2012 04:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Female Chinese Bath House Masseuse Allegedly Has Sex With 13-Year-Old Boy, Manager Offers Angry Parents Discount On 'Services'

A masseuse in Xianyang, China, allegedly had sex with a 13-year-old boy, and when the child's parents found out, the bath house manager offered them a 50 percent reimbursement on the $31 bill, according to NEWS.HSW.CN.

The boy reportedly went to the Kangzhan North Road Yalong Bay Bath Center on July 30 with his mother to escape sweltering heat after being given vouchers from a family friend.

In questioning the charge, the boy's mother was told the bill was for "sexual services." Bath houses in China are both notorious for being houses of ill-repute, as well as a respite for entire families and elders to escape the heat in the summer, the cold in the winter or just to relax.

The Bill:
bath house

The boy's mother reportedly demanded to see the woman who provided sexual services to her son and interrogated her in front of the establishment's managers.

The boy explained, "After she asked me my age, she stripped off my clothes." He said (translated) he felt very ashamed and really regretted not having more self-restraint.

According to NEWS.HSW.CN, the boy was offered a "massage." Thinking that it was part of the normal services provided, he agreed and was taken to a private room. After a few minutes, a woman (masseuse #51) entered and asked his age.

The boy said, "A woman entered the room, said a few words and then took off all her clothes and laid on the bed. I couldn't control myself and also took off my clothes. She gave me a condom to wear and then we had sexual relations," according to the website.

He neglected to tell his parents what happened at first "because he was scared." Only when the bill arrived, with the 198 yuan price tag, did he have to finally fess up.

According to Shanghai Daily, the local Xianyang police have opened a probe into the incident after the boy's parents requested an investigation.

Translation and additional writing provided by Dominique Mosbergen.