08/03/2012 12:42 pm ET

Fake Cop Jewel Heist: Tampa Robbers Pose As Police, Shot At By Owner Marcelo Suarez (VIDEO)

Four robbers posing as police attempted an armed heist at a Tampa, Fla., jewelry store Monday, but were met with resistance by the store's owner.

Marcelo Suarez had just arrived at his business when he noticed a "blue or green Saturn with tinted windows and flashing lights" park outside, the Tampa Bay Times reported. Men wearing T-shirts with "police" emblazoned on the back asked to come into the store.

"Two uniformed officers got out of the car," Suarez told ABC News. "Long sleeves, long shirt, police hat, police badge, had police gun on the side."

Thinking they were police officers, the 28-year-old owner buzzed the fake cops through the store's locked door, according to the Associated Press. But he quickly realized his mistake.

In this surveillance video, Suarez, who owns a handgun, exchanges fire with the suspects inside the store, forcing them to retreat. Suarez claims he shot the man who falls to the ground at the entrance, but it is unknown if the suspect was hit.

Suarez was not injured in the attempted robbery. The jewelry store owner told CBS Tampa that four "Hispanic" men fled in their car. As of press time, the suspects remain at large.

WTSP-TV reports that police are searching for a dark green or dark blue four-door Saturn sedan with flashing lights across its dashboard.

Crooks have posed as cops before. In December 2011, five men disguised as police raided an illegal gambling establishment in Houston. In contrast with this attempted robbery, the suspects in the Houston incident appeared calm and professional.

CBS Houston reported that the highly organized crew, which had hit other illegal gaming establishments prior to the incident caught on surveillance tape, even made use of "an undercover police car."



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