08/03/2012 11:34 am ET

Food Safety: The Week In Food Recalls And Outbreaks -- July 29 to August 5

This week has been a doozy for food safety. We mean it: a giant onion recall, a large-scale cantaloupe recall and a massive norovirus outbreak are just a few of the many things that have us feeling queasy. It's probably just in our heads, though, right? Right??

It's worth noting that all these events come on the heels of a report by the Consumer Federation of America, which says the Center for Disease Control has fallen short of its goals to reduce the number of salmonella and listeria infections.

If you're not too freaked out -- let's be honest, the best weapon against infection is information -- we suggest perusing the below list of this week's most dangerous food safety issues. Recalls, food poisoning outbreaks and all! Continue on at your own risk.

Gills Onions announced a massive voluntary recall, citing a possible listeria contamination.
The recall extends across several states and Canada. The onions in question were used in products sold at Trader Joe's Whole Foods, Weis, Publix and Wegman's stores. On the bright side, no illnesses have been reported.

Kenosha Beef International Ltd. is recalling nearly 19 tons of frozen bacon-cheeseburger patties that may contain foreign materials.
The patties, which were distributed in Indiana, Maine, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Wisconsin, may contain pieces of gasket material. The USDA said the company was alerted to the problem when a consumer complained.

Two hundred people were sickened with Norovirus last week after eating at a Michigan Mexican eatery.
Margarita's Restuarant in Holland, Mich. voluntarily closed for a thorough cleaning after the discovery.

Home-canned beets were the source of three botulism hospitalizations in Oregon.
The beets had not been acidified or processed sufficiently, creating the ideal environment for botulism.

Potential listeria contamination sparks the recall of 580 cantaloupe crates.
North Carolina's Burch Farm shipped the fruit to Hannaford supermarkets in New York, but they've since been removed from shelves.

Taco Bell employee Cameron Jankowski was tracked down by hacker group Anonymous after he tweeted an image of himself urinating on nachos.
The Fort Wayne, Indiana worker has since been suspended and will be fired.

Another airline passenger found a needle in his food aboard an Air Canada flight.
The sewing needle was found in a sandwich aboard a flight from Victoria, British Columbia, to Toronto. It follows several similar incidences earlier in July, in sandwiches on Delta Air Lines flights from Amsterdam to Minneapolis, Seattle and Atlanta.

Enslin & Son Packing Company recalled about 314 pounds of sausage products, citing a listeria risk.
The Mississippi company voluntarily recalled its "Cedar Grove Red Hots," which had been shipped to stores elsewhere in the state.



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