08/03/2012 01:17 pm ET

Viral Video Helps Virginia Woman, Rain Burroughs, Save Her Home From Foreclosure (VIDEO)

Single mother Rain Burroughs and her daughter were a little more than three days away from losing their house to foreclosure unless they could come up with $13,000 in payments.

But a community's quick action -- and a video that went viral -- helped save the family from homelessness.

Burroughs, who was battling depression, says her illness became so debilitating that she couldn't get herself to open her bills. "I can get a demonstration going … but being an advocate for myself, I've not been so good at," she told the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

As an active member of the social justice movement -- she's been involved with peaceful demonstrations against income inequality and part of the Occupy Richmond protests -- her cause was quickly taken up by others around her. Activist Josh Kadrich landed up at her home with a documentary filmmaker and two cameras, and made a four-minute video called 'Saving Rain's House.'

They then created an Indiegogo fundraising page appealing to the kindness of strangers. People responded, donating more than $15,000 in two days

"Rain has always been a phenomenal contributor to our community," Kadrich told NBC 12. "She's always out there with Food Not Bombs, feeding the homeless, she's always out there holding up signs protesting injustice, so we thought we could do something to try and help her."

The Burroughs' story is unfortunately common. "This cause is bigger than she is," said marketing expert Dave Saunders during a recent interview with CBS 6. "She hit a chord. With so many Americans right now fighting foreclosure and so many people having a hard time trying to pay their bills."

"I'm still getting goose bumps thinking about it," Burroughs told CBS 6. Her letter to those who've donated to her cause ends with a call to action: "Don't let there be another family tossed aside. Humans aren't disposable."