08/03/2012 01:30 pm ET

Rashida Jones Childhood Photos: 'Celeste & Jesse' Star Tweets Pics From Her Youth

Rashida Jones is somewhat new to Twitter, but with an indie film out in New York and Los Angeles theaters, she's taking full advantage of the social networking platform. In the lead up to the release of "Celeste & Jesse Forever," a new comedy-drama that Jones co-wrote and stars in, the actress has tweeted photos of herself from childhood.

Jones, who turned 36 earlier this year, is best known for her work on the television series "Parks & Recreation." With "Celeste & Jesse Forever," she's hoping to show a different side of her personality.

"I’ve been lucky enough to work a lot in the past couple of years, and the characters I play are very likeable," she told HuffPost. "They’re kind of dependable and logical and, you know, couldn’t do anything bad if they tried. And I wanted to play somebody who was maybe a little bit less likeable, and whose character flaws were standing in her own way, you know? And as a writer, I think it’s always important to have a character who has somewhere to go."

Check out Jones' week of embarrassing tweets below. (Click the links to see her photos, one of which you can spy above.) "Celeste and Jesse Forever" is in theaters now.



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