08/03/2012 08:59 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Worst-Dressed List: Jessica Biel Channels A Bad Prom And 14 Other Upsetting Outfits (PHOTOS)

Of all the crazy things that went down a red carpet this week, none seemed quite as unhinged as Jessica Biel's pink confection of a dress. What's more bewildering is that she's usually such a style star--even landing a spot on this week's best-dressed list with a more natural-looking number.

This week's worst-dressed list was like a bad '90s flashback, man. Really bad. One dress had built-in fanny packs. Then the M.C. Escher poster from our dorm wall made its way to a movie star's body. Gayle King wore Appletinis on her feet. Mayim Biyalik of 'Blossom' wore a dress that doubled as a pun. Elizabeth Perkins reminded us of First Lady Barbara Bush. And then Ivana Trump had a birthday party.

So tell us whose outfit has you most riled up, and then rest your eyes on our picks for this week's best-dressed.

Worst-Dressed Celebrities Of The Week