Pokemon Adele Parody: Pokemon Theme Song Takes On Adele In 'Gotta Catch Em All' (VIDEO)

Just when we though Adele parodies were a thing of the past, this totally bizarre (but also kind of awesome) video came along to get "Rolling In The Deep" stuck in our heads once again. YouTuber Insane Ian's cover of the smash hit song, aptly titled "Gotta Catch 'Em All," brings in the Pokemon theme song and intersperses scenes from the show with Adele's music video. The result? A weirdly entertaining video that gives Pawdele's parody a run for its money.

To sum it up in one line: "We could have caught them ALLLLLLLLL..."

Pokemon fans also won't want to miss a video that surfaced last month of a girl doing startlingly accurate impressions of all 151 Pokemon characters. Don't believe us? Check out the video for yourself and prepare to be blown away.

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