08/05/2012 10:45 am ET Updated Aug 05, 2012

'Roseanne' Reunion: Cast Members Reunite At Barr's Comedy Central Roast

Fifteen years ago "Roseanne," one of the most popular television series of the 90s, went off the air. On Saturday, cast members reunited for a roast of former leading lady, Roseanne Barr.

Barr was joined by "Roseanne" vets Sarah Chalke ("Second Becky"), Michael Fishman (D.J.) and Alicia Goranson (Becky) for a good ol' fashioned Comedy Central roast in Los Angeles.

Chalke announced the reunion on her official website and Fishman tweeted, saying:

Barr's ex-husband and former "Roseanne" writer (and sometimes-character, "Arnie Thomas"), Tom Arnold, even made a special surprise appearance. Arnold, who was not expected to attend, answered at least one fan's dream:

E! News reported that Arnold had some good jabs for Barr. "I'm not here to tear Roseanne a new one, because I've seen the old one," he said.

He showed her some love, too: "In 1985, Roseanne went on Johnny Carson, which is every comic's dream back then. She killed, he laughed his ass off, he gave her a thumbs up and he invited her to sit on his couch. She got validation from the king which can never be taken away from her."

The "Roseanne" reunion was a much-needed one.

The show first aired on Oct. 18, 1988, and the cast was quickly adopted as America's favorite blue-collar family.

"At the time, television was dominated by lavish soaps (Dallas, Falcon Crest) and sitcoms with upper-middle-class clans (The Cosby Show, Empty Nest)," wrote Entertainment Weekly's Tanner Stransky back in 2008, ten years after the show went off-air. "This made Roseanne's salt-of-the-earth arrival seem all the more radical."

Other roasters on the docket included Jane Lynch, Sharon Stone, Carrie Fisher, Katey Sagal, Seth Green, Jeffrey Ross and Anthony Jeselnik.

"I've long fantasized of ripping Roseanne Barr a new one. But because I don't have the cajones to say anything offensive to her face, I will be hosting the proceedings," said Lynch in a press release.

The "Comedy Central Roast Of Roseanne” premieres on Sunday, August 12 at 10:00 P.M. ET/PT.