08/06/2012 03:03 pm ET Updated Aug 06, 2012

Animal Cubs Deathmatch: Vote For The Cutest Photos Of Lions, Tigers And More!

Here on HuffPost Green, we're kind of obsessed with animals, if you couldn't tell. Although we love them all equally, we spend a good amount of time debating which ones are the cutest. When it comes to furry cubs, they're all adorable, so we're letting you decide by voting in our Furry Cubs Deathmatch.

Sadly, some of these little guys face multiple threats. While climate change threatens all species, polar bears may already be threatened by the loss of sea ice. Some tiger subspecies are already extinct, while others are threatened by poaching and habitat loss. Many big cats are threatened, and organizations like Big Cat Rescue work to help big cats abandoned by owners, forced to perform, rescued from slaughter for fur coats, or saved after their mothers were killed by hunters. If you want to help these animals, visit the Big Cat Rescue and WWF websites.

We're celebrating all of these furry cubs, and now, we turn it over to you to decide: Which one do you think is the cutest? Each day you'll have a chance to vote in another round of our Furry Cubs Deathmatch. May the cutest cub win!

Photos: AP/Getty

Can't get enough cute animals? Check out the slideshow below:

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