08/06/2012 03:43 pm ET

Detroit August 2012 Primary: Candidates, Issue Advocate Bloggers Share Their Ideas

What are the best reasons for voting for a particular candidate or issue in this August's primary election? Why not ask the candidates and issue advocates themselves?

This primary season, HuffPost Detroit invited political candidates in a number of primaries across Metro Detroit to blog their answers to this question: "What I Will Do For Detroit If Elected."

We compiled some of the most interesting points made by candidates and blog supporters of this month's two millage proposals. We hope they'll give you voters some food for thought this Tuesday. Click on the links below to read the full blog entries.

Adam Hollier
Candidate for state Representative in the 4th District

"We must develop a clear vision for each neighborhood that promotes the uniqueness of each community and the spirit of ownership. Communities like the Cass Corridor, Corktown and the Eastern Market all decided to rebrand themselves and work a vision-informed plan. They have seen tremendous growth for their efforts, because home and business owners alike banded together to be the change they wanted to see in their neighborhood."

Marcelus Brice
Candidate for state Representative in the 4th District

"I have created the Expected Response Initiative. Police and fire departments, specifically in Detroit, have long response times that make the emergencies even more dangerous. I get that police officers, firefighters and EMS techs are overburdened. My plan is to use state revenue sharing to provide financial incentives to cities that meet or beat the national average for police and fire response times. This gives cities motivation. When cities, like Detroit and Hamtramck, meet the qualifications it provides two primary benefits; addresses a major concern of citizens -- improve public safety -- and provides additional funding for city services."

Mervin T. White, Jr.
Candidate for state Representative in the 4th District

"If elected, I will make certain that our senior population (such as my grandmother and great grandmother) have a strong advocate in its corner. As a young candidate, I understand the value and importance of protecting our aging population. Therefore, I will propose legislation to repeal the tax on senior pensions and 401(k). The government should be protecting the people's interests, not corporate interests."

State Sen. Bert Johnson
Candidate for U.S. Congress in the 13th District

"The secret nature of the financial services industry led directly to the destructive risk-taking and mass bundling of subprime mortgages that led to our economic collapse. We should require derivatives traders to have a minimum amount of collateral so borrowing ability can be responsibly managed. I will work to ensure that President Obama's health care reform is implemented properly, tweaked where needed and that we find a way to expand Medicaid. I will also advocate for the drawing down of our military presence across the globe, including closing down unneeded active military bases in areas of the world that no longer pose a significant threat to our national security, while standing vigilant against entering future military conflicts."

Congressman Hansen Clarke
Candidate for U.S. Congress in the 14th District

"I will continue to champion bold progressive solutions that create jobs, cut student loan and mortgage debt, cut crime, reduce our prison population, and restore financial security for the people of our region. These are no ordinary times. With unemployment, foreclosures, and household debt crushing our communities, we need to put an end to the stale old brand of partisan politics that has failed our community again and again. We need bold action to rebuild our neighborhoods and give people hope so that they have power over their lives."

Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon
Advocate for renewal of Wayne County jail millage

"In July, I respectfully called on the Wayne County Commission to approve a $101 million budget for the Wayne County Sheriff's Office (WCSO); not the $85 million budget that the CEO had presented. The county jail population is averaging 2,100 inmates a day, a dramatic increase resulting from the rise in crime the last few years. We cannot fully secure the jails, protect the county parks and implement narcotics investigations with $16 million less annually. Wayne County voters, I ask for your support on Tuesday, August 7 for the benefit of your public safety. Vote yes on Proposal J to renew the county jail millage. It will continue to provide nearly $39 million annually to protect citizens with a secure jail system and juvenile detention programs."

Colin Darke
Advocate for DIA Millage

"I've seen some commentary where people ask why Detroit doesn't sell some of the artwork to meet the DIA's financial problems. It doesn't sell the artwork because it wouldn't take care of the structural problems, but it would diminish the museum; when sold, the paintings would likely be gone forever; less people would be willing to donate artwork to the museum; and it would push a venerable museum toward mediocrity. Namely, it would hasten the worst case scenario rather than making a real and permanent change so that this generation can be mindful stewards for future generations."

Flickr Photo by Mrs. Gemstone