08/09/2012 10:28 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

MY NEW YORK: DJ Louie XIV, DJ Kalkutta Discuss Scissor Sisters, Grindr And Street Meat

Meet Louis Mandelbaum and Kalkutta, two New York City-based DJ's with their finger on the pulse of the very best dance parties happening in the city. The pair are best friends and neighbors who have started a weekly Thursday night party called "Double Indemnity" at Stash on 14th Street.

We decided to check in with the pair and find out their favorite city hangouts, best dating anecdotes, and musical musings. If you like what you see, head over to the "Double Indemnity" where you'll dance to a mix of 90's and early 2000's throwbacks, along with a good round of current indie tunes. Every Thursday at 11PM.

HP: Last show you attended?

K: Scissor Sisters! They were amazing!
L: One of the only places we've ever gone where I got hit on more than Kal.

HP: Favorite place to spin?

K&L: Stash! (Where we hold our weekly Thursday night party- Double Indemnity! *shameless self promotion*)

HP: Drink of choice?

L: Champagne if I'm feeling luxurious, Vodka Soda if I'm feeling fat.
K: Champagne always.

HP: Go-to neighborhood bar?

L: I love the Summit on Avenue C.
K: Ed's Lobster Bar...does that count? It has 'bar' in it.

HP: Describe the last date you went on?

L: Check out "865 Feet Away: My Grindr Experience"
K: Not even gonna try to top this.

HP: Best place for a late-night meal?

K: We try not to eat after work, but often fail. And by 'often' we mean 'always'.
L: You could really find us anywhere from L'Express to disgustingly devouring street meat on a stoop.

HP: Best NYC music festival from this summer?

K: The Good Morning America Summer Concert Series! (Where I performed with Karmin! *shameless self promotion...again*)

HP: Best place to buy music?

K: Tower Records
L: Virgin Mega Store

HP: You were born and raised in the city. What are some of the best and worst changes you've seen firsthand?

L: I was the only one of the two of us born in New York. Best change: credit card machines in cabs.
K: Worst change: Kristen Wiig's departure from SNL.

HP: Worst gig you've ever played?

K: Actually, it's the gig where we first met each other. We'd both been deejaying for about 5 minutes professionally and a mutual friend of ours booked us together at a sports bar in Midtown.
L: Mind you, the extent of our sports knowledge is pretty limited. Basically when it comes to athletes, if they haven't dated a Kardashian we have no idea who they are.
K: Yup! For $60 each we dragged all our equipment through the snow, set it up at this bar, and proceeded to DJ for 6 hours straight for a crowd full of former (and current?) frat boys who, needless to say, were not pleased to hear Britney Spears blasting over the Knicks game.

HP: The most random artist/band you're into right now that most people wouldn't expect?

L: Meek Mills
K: Ram Jam!

Portraits of the artists as young kids:

dj louie xiv