08/06/2012 02:36 pm ET

Drake Graduates From High School, Joining Class Of 2012

Summer is a time to have picnics, hang on the beach, and most of all, forget about the pressures of school. But not for everyone, unfortunately -- at least one of our favorite celebs has been stuck singing the “Back To School” song this summer.

After spending much of the summer in a heated feud with Chris Brown and racking up VMA nominations, Drake decided to focus the rest of the summer on graduating high school. That’s right -- while other celebs were enjoying trips to the London Olympics, the Degrassi star-turned-rapper was sharpening his pencils, putting batteries in his calculator, and sucking up to teachers.

Surprisingly, Drake told Toronto’s Now Magazine that he is “really excited” to graduate high school. Whether or not Drake is as enthusiastic about getting his study on as he says he is, he can definitely find some comfort in the fact that he doesn’t have to stay in school for that much longer before he receives his diploma.

In fact, Drake only needs to acquire one more credit before joining the illustrious group of celebs who graduated high school in 2012, which includes Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Jake T. Austin. Check out this year's famous grads in the slideshow below.

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Celebs In The Class of 2012