09/06/2012 02:34 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2013

Kirsten Dunst, 'Bachelorette' Actress, Actually Does Know How To Be A Good Maid Of Honor


In the new movie "Bachelorette," Kirsten Dunst plays Regan, a type-A maid of honor who thinks she -- and not her friend Becky (Rebel Wilson) -- should be the one getting married. Though Regan prides herself on having things under control, the movie begins with her on the verge of what Dunst calls a "major meltdown." Dunst spoke to the Huffington Post about her first trip to a strip club, her character's intense personality and how different her experience as a maid of honor was in real life.

From the first scene, Regan doesn't seem to be particularly supportive of Becky, yet Becky asks her to be the maid of honor. How would you explain their friendship?

Well, I think they're friends. I just don't think she expected this to happen to [Becky] first. You know what I mean? Regan's a very vain, type-A personality. Regan even says in the movie, "I work out, I went to college, I have a job, I have a boyfriend in medical school…" And that [marriage] part is not happening for me. Like why is that not happening?

She feels like she's done everything right, but she's still completely miserable. What do you think would actually make her happy?

I think that she just is living her life pretty superficially.

What appealed to you about this character?

Well, after "Melancholia" and "On the Road," I wanted to do a comedy. And I did so many comedies when I was younger, but if you're not consistently in those movies, people don't always think of you for them. Also, not a lot of comedies are written for women. A lot of them are more for the guys and then there's the girlfriend role, so this was an opportunity for me to do a comedy again. And I met with Leslye [Headland], and I thought she was hilarious and could see all parts of these characters in her and how passionate she was. It's kind of the female "Hangover" in a way. It's girls doing bad things and you don't always see that.

Was there something about Regan specifically that you liked?

I liked the fact that she was such a type-A personality but then kind of loses control. So it's almost like Regan's worst nightmare. I really like the end scene for me where [Regan has] to rally everyone together and is losing it at the same time. [Regan has] to yell at Rebel's mom in the movie. It was just a very frantic, fun, bossy, crazy thing. Not everyone wants to see women act this way, and you don't have a lot of parts that are just an out-and-out mean girl.

Tell me about filming in the strip club.

Well, I'd never been to a working strip club, so while we were working outside of it at night, it was going on inside. And so the owner of Scores [the strip club] invited us to have dinner there because there's a decent restaurant in Scores. So we ate dinner in Scores and could see all the beautiful strippers.

You were the maid of honor in your friend's wedding recently, and you tweeted a photo from the bachelorette party. What would you say is the secret to being good maid of honor?

For me, my girlfriend -- she's like my sister. I took her to Mexico with all the other bridesmaids. And we had a fun time together, [we] got massages. I think it's just doing it for them and not being selfish on anything that you want, even though maybe you don't like certain things. I feel like it's just... constant support.

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