08/07/2012 08:47 am ET Updated Aug 13, 2012

Miami Indie Cinema Roundup: Arthouse Films August 6 To 12 (VIDEOS)

Miami's independent movie theaters transport viewers around the world in screening choices this week. In India, a yoga guru takes a group of his American students on a perilous motorcycle ride through the most dangerous parts of the Himalayas in "The Highest Pass," and "Trishna" is the modern day reworking of Thomas Hardy's "Tess of the D'Urbervilles."

In the documentary "Whore's Glory," the world of prostitution is investigated in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico. To Cuba, "Unfinished Spaces" tells the story of Fidel Castro's attempts to rebuilt Havana into an arts hub with the National Art Schools project.

In Europe, Diane Kruger stars in "Farewell My Queen," telling the story of the final days of Marie Antoinette as she is kept company by her female companions, one rumored to be her lover.

See where else you can travel this week at the movies:



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