08/06/2012 03:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mitt Romney Report Card Shows Promise, Lack Of Discipline (PHOTO)

High school students take note: That mediocre semester of freshman-year French may one day come back to haunt you.

As the presidential election draws closer, it seems like any and all documents relating to the candidates are fair game. Case in point: One of Republican candidate Mitt Romney's old high school report cards, which was originally released by the Boston Globe in 2007, is making the Internet rounds again.

Young Romney, who would eventually go on to earn both law and MBA degrees from Harvard University, showed obvious intelligence, according to the prep school document. However, comments on his progress suggest an initial tendency toward overconfidence and underperformance.

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mitt romney report card

Image courtesy of Boston.com

The document is dated Nov. 10, 1961 -- during Romney's freshman year in high school -- and includes marks for English 3, Elementary Algebra, Biology, French 1 and Art 3.

Romney's lowest grade of the term was in French, in which he received a "C," while his highest was in English, in which he earned a "B+," but his teacher notes "He can do a lot better."

Romney also received a "B" in Algebra. The teacher complimented the politician's initial performance on tests but notes "He wastes much time in class."

At the bottom of the report, Romney's instructor praises the student's performance but hints at possible problems in the past. "Mitt is doing well," reads the notation. "He is a more responsible citizen this year."

Mitt Romney spent six years at Cranbrook Schools, a prestigious prep school in Michigan, while his father George Romney acted as CEO of American Motors Corporation and contemplated entering politics. First as a day student and later as a full-time boarder, Romney's experience at the school played a large role in molding the young politician's intellect.

However, Romney's teenage years at the academy came under renewed scrutiny in May when the Washington Post reported an alleged bullying incident involving Romney and a classmate.

Those interested in comparing the presidential candidates' early academic records will be disappointed, however.

President Obama attended Punahou School in Honolulu and graduated in 1979, but his transcripts have not been released.