08/06/2012 03:36 pm ET Updated Aug 06, 2012

Oprah Flips Out On 'Lifeclass': 'Just Say It! We're Not Going To Judge You For Saying It!'

Oprah could barely contain herself on Sunday's "Lifeclass," as she waited for a guest to come to what she considered to be an obvious realization.

Oprah teamed up with inspirational speaker Iyanla Vanzant to walk a family through a trying confrontation. "Think of it as a care-frontation," Vanzant said as she sat down with two adult-aged daughters who felt that their mother, Donna, was not present enough in their lives.

Vanzant thought it was time for Donna to realize that she's in her daughters' lives as much as she wants, and that it was time for her kids to put their "big girl panties on."

As Vanzant asked questions, hoping Donna would just admit that she was enjoying her own life now that her children were grown with families of their own, Oprah seemed like she was ready to burst.

"No, go to the core," Oprah said, urging Donna to discuss the root of the problem. She then screamed, holding onto the arms of her chair, "Say it! Say it! Just say it!"

"Just breathe," Vanzant told Oprah. The queen of daytime imitated a lamaze-type breathing technique, to which Vanzant said, "You push. We're going to birth this baby!"

"Just say it!" Oprah yelled again. "We're not going to judge you for saying it, Just say it!"

Finally, Donna said that she chooses not to be by her daughters' sides all the time because she's busy enjoying her own life, adding that her daughters are grown women and able to take care of themselves. Oprah exploded with joy at the sound of the Donna's words and jumped up and down in her chair.