08/07/2012 09:35 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Reddit User's KitchenAid Rotisserie Pig-Roast (PHOTOS)

Reddit User: Endlesswinter77

Look, our vegetarian friends notwithstanding, we all want to roast a whole pig. There's something primordially appealing about meat -- especially pork -- roasted over fire. But our modern lives are busy. Who has the time (not to mention the upper arm strength) to stand by the fire, turning your pig on the spit for hours?

Mechanically inclined Reddit user Endlesswinter77 found a way to turn an everyday kitchen appliance and some old bike gears into an epic, motorized pig rotisserie.

As Endlesswinter77 humbly described, "So I got the KitchenAid rotisserie attachment.. and did a pig roast." (It should be noted that if you are uncomfortable with images of a whole animal being roasted on a spit, you should probably go read something else right this second.)

Every time we look at these photos, we're more impressed. The construction, the ingenuity, the pork. We hope our invitation for the next one is in the mail.