08/06/2012 06:42 am ET Updated Aug 06, 2012

'Snapped': Rennie Pratt Claimed She Shot Her Boyfriend Before He Could Kill Her (VIDEO)

Was it self-defense or pre-meditated murder? That was the question facing a jury in the case of Rennie Pratt. Pratt's story was featured on the latest episode of "Snapped" (Sun., 9 p.m. ET on Oxygen), detailing how she shot and killed her boyfriend. She admitted to firing the gun, but it was the motive behind the shot that ultimately would determine her fate.

Throughout her trial, Pratt maintained her innocence in the shooting of attorney Michael Porcella. The two had a notoriously volatile relationship that involved both drugs and alcohol. There was some plausibility to her claims, as presented by the defense, that she had been trying to unload the gun to keep Porcella from shooting her.

Porcella's co-workers painted a story of him as "a wonderful man" whose death is a great loss to the community.

Despite the prosecutor's attempts to have her convicted of first degree murder, Pratt was convicted of the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter, and convicted to 21 years in prison. She has appealed the conviction.

More stories of women who "Snapped" unfold every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on Oxygen.

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