08/06/2012 04:24 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'The Outs,' Web Series About Gay Life In New York, Debuts New 'Fun Party' Episode

The latest installment of "The Outs," the hot new web series about gay life in New York City, has finally arrived.

New York City-based writer-director-actor Adam Goldman -- who previously described the series as "a story about big relationships, the ones that really define people, and what happens when they fall apart, and how that can change someone" --has titled the fourth episode "Fun Party," which takes place during "that weird time when everyone's asleep before the sun comes up when the world sometimes feels like it's inverted itself a bit."

(WARNING: Some footage might not be suitable for work)

"Everything gets very quiet and takes on an eerie quality, and you sometimes wind up places you didn't think you could -- or just don't want to -- go back to," Goldman tells HuffPost Gay Voices.

"The Outs" creative team shoots in and around Brooklyn and features a soundtrack by local musicians and bands. You can read more about the series on the official website, but the best way to keep up with the show is on Facebook.

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