08/06/2012 05:25 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'The Real L Word' Girls Offer A Sneak Peek At 'I Wasn't Expecting This' Episode

It's time for the largest lesbian party in the world -- and the girls of Showtime's "The L Word" wouldn't be missing it for the world.

In this exclusive clip, the women hit up the famed "Dinah Shore Weekend," and true to form, it looks like drama is set to ensue. As sources tell HuffPost Gay Voices, this will be Dinah veterans Whitney and Sara’s third time going together -- and with a bit of luck, their first leaving together.

Meanwhile, Romi and Kelsey arrive to their first Dinah together as a sober couple. Apprehensive about hosting a dating game with Whitney, while a sneaky Lauren tries to stir the pot.

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