08/07/2012 03:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Andrew Zimmern's 'Bizarre Foods' Pops Up In LA (VIDEO)

Watching Andrew Zimmern "Bizarre Foods" show visit Los Angeles in Monday night's episode wasn't as mouthwatering as it was bittersweet -- for a number of reasons.

Zimmern pays a visit to the usual suspects about town: Michael Voltaggio of ink., Ludo Lefebvre of the Ludo Truck -- but visiting Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo of Animal to watch them make their signature (and now illegal) foie gras, biscuit and gravy dish was almost too much to bear. Seeing the chefs drizzle maple syrup over the finished product probably mirrored the tears streaming down from foie-loving foodies all over LA (video above).

We interviewed Zimmern back when he was filming the episode in January, and here's what he had to say about California's impending foie gras ban at the time:

The crimes against animals are not happening in farms as related to ducks and geese being processed for their livers. The crimes against animals in this country are being committed in factories and -- and they are atrocities -- they're being committed in factories and by food companies who have put so much money into the political system that there are laws that protect those companies from telling you or I what's in those hotdogs that they produce. Thats the crime. That's what we should be banning, not foie gras production.

The now defunct Royal/T Cafe also gets a brief resurrection as the space where Zimmern hosts his one-night pop up. Oh, what we wouldn't give to see those brown maid uniforms in use again!

Watch Zimmern countdown his top 5 experiences while filming "Bizarre Foods" In LA:



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